Lyon Day 3

The activities related with outputs realisation were discussed, with establishment of responsible and deadlines for each tasks: Knowledge Base (KB) with tasks/interest point: minimal 20 tasks for innovative products, especially in the fields: meat, dairy, bread and bakery, ready-to-eat, chocolate; KB with Traditional Products: minimal 80 TPs; KB with Sustainable Resources and Processes: minimal 80 SRs + Minimal 20 SPs; KB with Innovative Process and Ingredients: minimal 40 IIs + Minimal 8 IPs; On-line training material, with establishment of the course content, structure, ways of delivery, evaluation; Web platform: structure – moodle, content 다운로드.
In the afternoon, a visit of the University „Claude Bernard” Lyon 1 was organised. The participants meet the Catherine Guillaumon, administrative director and Erasmus+ Program and the members of the department of International Relationships from Uni Lyon 1 and established contacts 아저씨 제이레빗 다운로드.
Gabor Aron and Pascal Dupeux organised a visit of the beautiful city of Lyon (Saint Jean, traboules, Fourvières, etc.). At the end of the visit, an official dinner was offered, where officials from the University „Claude Bernard” Lyon 1 and Dan Alexandru Corneanu, the vice-consul of Romania in Lyon, participated 다운로드.
All guest participants expressed their gratitude for the very well organised kick off meeting in Bourg-en-Bresse and Lyon.

About the author: Ion Mironescu

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