Figura 1: Schema generală a proiectului KNOWinFOOD

Registration open for the first Knowinfood Training T1

The project KNOWinFOOD organizes three trainings for students studying in the fields related with food production (food engineering, food control, food technology and biotechnology, food chemistry, catering) from the High Education Institution (HEI) implied in the Project: University ”Lucian Blaga” Sibiu, Romania; University ”Claude Bernard” Lyon, France; University of Food Technology Plovdiv, Bulgaria; University of Debrecen, Hungary 다운로드.

Registration is NOW open for the first training,  T1 TRAINING(summer 2017). Two students/HEI will participate at the  T1 TRAINING 다운로드.

15th March to 15th April: Candidates register off-line.
Application should contain Certificate of Bachelor/ Master/ PhD student + Curriculum vitae, Europass model, in English Softwareserial.h Download.
Documents will be deposed at a local registration desk:
1. University ”Lucian Blaga” Sibiu, Romania: Faculty SAIAPM, room B212, every Thursday, 14.00-15.00, Dr 다운로드. Monica Mironescu;
2. University ”Claude Bernard” Lyon, France: desk not available yet, ask Pascal Dupeux;
3. University of Food Technology Plovdiv, Bulgaria: Technological Faculty, office 218/bl.1, Monday to Wednesday, 10.00-12.00, Vesela Shoska;
4 만화캐릭터rpg. University of Debrecen, Hungary: Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences, and Environmental Management, Institute of Food Technology, Main Building, Room 122, every Wednesday, 9.00-16.00, Dr 체리 마스터 pc 용 다운로드. Endre Mathe;
15th April to 30th April: Candidates are registered on-line on the project platform. Each student will receive an email of confirmation with contact data 다운로드. Students connect on line and complete their profile.

1st May to 30th May: Contest. Students connect online and write essay (max 스파이 넥스트 도어 다운로드. 2 pages) about a food product that can be developed within the project, according to a task selected from the web platform. Essay content will be available to participants at 1st May 다운로드. Essay is uploaded as pdf on the platform.
1st June to 18th June: Grading essays, by a local selection committee (each HEI). The first 6 students/HEI will be selected to present their idea 다운로드.
18th June to 20th June: Solving complains for the essays, by a committee for solving complains.
20th June to 28th June: Oral presentation of the essay in English.
29th June: Solving complains for the oral presentations.
30th June: List with 2 students/HEI to participate at T1.

1st July to 30th September: Training T1, with two parts:
– 1st July to 16th September: on-line training on the web platform. Students are working in international teams to design a product, participate to on-line courses on developing innovative foods based on tradition and assuring sustainability;
– 23th September to 30th September: practical training in ULBS and Supremia. Students are working in international teams to develop prototypes for innovative foods based on tradition and assuring sustainability.
The project KNOWinFOOD was developed under the umbrella+ of Erasmus+. Travel and accommodation costs will be supported by the program Erasmus+.

Skills and competencies acquired by participants: innovation skills and competencies in innovative food design; initiative and creativity thinking; abilities for working in international teams; experience in using a modern educational tool, based on a collaborative environment; digital competencies.

About the author: Ion Mironescu

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