Lucian Блага Университет Сибиу

The impetuous evolution of the higher education system in Sibiu entailed the foundation of the autonomous Institute of Higher Education in 1976 다운로드. The Institute included the following Schools: Philology and History, Public Administration, and Mechanical Engineering. But the times were once more hostile to us 트로트 무료 다운로드. Despite a prodigious academic performance of national and international repute, the dictatorial regime of the 80s, whose anti-cultural and anti-academic policy was set against any intellectual life, gradually suppressed the activity of the Schools of Philology, History and Law, until they ceased to exist altogether 영화 좋아해줘 다운로드. Ironically, the School of Law would end its existence precisely 100 years after its former disbandment. Only the School of Mechanical Engineering continued in the form of an Institute of Subengineers, part of the Polytechnic School of Cluj-Napoca 다운로드. Out of the total number of students, seventy-five per cent were trained as mechanical engineers.

This marked another end in a long series of failures 맨도롱 또똣. Futility reigned supreme once more, and the strivings of all those who had cherished the dream of seeing Sibiu a powerful center of intellectual life, amounted to nothing 교통 신호등. But if a man can be destroyed, he cannot be defeated; similarly an Institute of Higher Education can be disbanded, yet its spirit cannot be broken. The spirit of higher education continued to live not only in the buildings which had been closed but also in the hearts of all those who see the progress of a nation in education Win7 64bit download. The spirit waited patiently for better times, for times when education would no longer be a crime, an offense against the regime. And these times finally came with a bang: the Revolution of December 1989 swept away all the lies and the “scientific programs”, the isolation of the country and the darkness which had grown thicker and thicker 한글 2007 뷰어 다운로드. A cruel and unjust history was eventually turning its face towards us, heralding better days. And shortly after the Revolution – which claimed the second greatest number of martyrs in Sibiu – the Ministry of Education did justice to the long-victimized city 다운로드. In recognition of Sibiu’s certain potential as an academic center, the Ministry decreed, on March, 5, 1990, the founding of a University encompassing five Schools: Letters, History and Law, Medicine, Food and Textile-Processing Technology, Engineering, and Sciences 질러팅 다운로드. On 12 May 1995, the University of Sibiu was granted the name of the distinguished Romanian writer and philosopher, Lucian Blaga.

It was a new beginning and this time nothing could prevent the unfettering of the resources which had lain dormant. Nothing could prevent the University of Sibiu from becoming what it deserved to be: a center of academic excellence and social renewal.