KNOWinFOOD first Training has started

1st Training of the Erasmus+ project KNOWinFOOD has started.

The training has two parts.

Part I is an on-line training in the collaborative environment (web platform) developed at the beginning of the project, 2 weeks cpu-z 무설치. The students work together in two European teams: Green team and Blue team; each  team is formed by 4 students (one from UFT Bulgaria, one from DU Hungary, one from IUT France and one from ULBS Romania) 다운로드. The task for the 1st Training was assigned by the Romanian food factory Supremia, project member:  to design an innovative bread-type product enriched with fibres 다운로드. Students will have a trainer/teacher to supervise and help them.

Part II is a practical training, made at ULBS + Supremia, 1 week 1.08.2017-8.10.2017, to realise 2 food prototypes based on the designs developed during the on-line training and to design the marketing strategy for this products 다운로드.

The training will be finalised with a students’ Conference and a contest, to designate the best product.

Participants gains are:

Real collaboration with industry by solving the tasks;

Experience in developing innovative foods;

Possibility to extend the collaboration with industry (internship, diploma or master thesis) 다운로드.

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