Plovdiv Day 2


A simulation for one training with students was done. The training steps were identified and discussed. It was analysed and established how to apply, with the steps: off-line registration (at a local registration desk) and documents required; on-line registration (on the project platform); selection as a contest based on essays which solve a task given by the industry and an oral presentation of the essay in English; solving complains 다운로드. The selected students will participate to training, with two parts: on-line training on the web platform, where students are working in international teams to design a product, participate to on-line courses on developing innovative foods based on tradition and assuring sustainability; practical training where students are working practically in international teams to develop prototypes for innovative foods based on tradition and assuring sustainability 다운로드.
Exactly limits and milestones were settled for the first training, organised in September 2017..

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