Plovdiv Day 6

A traditional/sustainable winery in Starosel was visited and a degustation of traditional and innovative products based on sustainable raw materials was made 프로듀스 48 다운로드.
Final discussion took place and conclusions of the training event were established.
The members of the Bulgarian team on the project KNOWinFOOD thank sincerely Prof 다운로드. Kolyo Dinkov, DSc, Rector of the University of Food Technologies and Prof. Yordanka Aleksieva, PhD, Vice rector of the University of Food Technologies and Assoc 다운로드. Prof. Krasimir Bambalov, PhD for their support and help in the organization of the training and the practical sessions; and Assoc. Prof. Hristo Spasov for the preparation and conduction of the degustation of traditional Bulgarian wines and beverages 애타는 마음 다운로드.
All guest participants acknowledged the Bulgarian team for the very well organised and successful short-term training event in Plovdiv.

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