Sibiu Training Day 2

The official Opening ceremony took place at the Academic Centre ULBS. All T1 members participated to the ceremony, together with staff from the University Lucian Blaga of Sibiu (represented by Assoc cemtool 다운로드. Prof. Dr. Eng. Daniela Preda, director of the Foreign Academic Affairs Department) and from the Faculty of ASFIEP (represented by Prof. Dr. Eng. Camelia Sava, dean of ASFIEP, vice-dean Assoc 괴물 매크로. Prof. Dr. Mihaela Antofie and Director of Department of Agricultural Sciences and Food Engineering Prof. Dr. Simona Oancea). Colleagues from ULB Sibiu implied in the project participated, too 카드뉴스 템플릿 다운로드.

The ceremony continued at Supremia, where Oana Piper, the director for human resources presented the company.

Georgiana Iacsa presented the equipment and SSM procedures, safety and security procedures 다운로드.

Oana Piper presented ”Industrial approach on human resources. Industrial approach on quality management at developing innovative foods. The Kaizen system for quality assurance management” 콘스탄틴 다운로드.

Endre Mathe hold a presentation on the innovative products Fibrosol and Fibersol.

In the afternoon, a visit to the old citadel Alba-Iulia was organized 다운로드. All participants enjoyed the time spent during the visit and appreciated the beautiful monumental fortresses Alba Carolina – the largest citadel in Romania with Vauban architecture 뉴문 영화.


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