Sibiu Training Day 3

The practical activity, called ”Innovative foods development based on traditional products and using sustainable resources” started. The main trainers were Lecturer Dr. Eng. Mihai Ognean (ULB Sibiu) and Eng. Hupert Alexandru (Supremia). As established during the on-line training, the students worked in two teams, team blue and team green. Each team started with the obtaining in the lab of two products: cozonac enriched with fibres (blue team) and bread enriched with fibres (green team) by adding some sustainable resources and innovative ingredients with proven health beneficial effects in its traditional composition. Both teams started from the classical methods of producing the foods and used initially the classical recipes, given by the trainers. The sustainable resources used were apple fibres for cozonac and potato flakes for bread. The innovative ingredients used in cozonac were: sucralose (to replace a part from sugar in cozonac), fibres Fibrosol (natural soluble and enzyme-resistant fiber), soy fibers (improving laxation and cholesterol-lowering ability) and aronia fibers (antioxidant activity). The innovative ingredient in bread were Fibersol (a digestion-resistant maltodextrin from corn starch) and sourdough (which can be included in both categories, innovative and sustainable ingredient), together with a mix produced by Supremia to improve texture.

Pascal Dupeux supervised the communication between the teams and with the trainers. Altough the students knew each other from the web platform and from the previous days, it took a short period to accommodate and to start working as a team. At the end of Day 3, all participants, students and trainers, worked very well together, they were more relaxed and a lot of discussions took place in the afternoon.

The activities in Day 3 took place at Supremia, in the very well-equipped technological lab.


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