Sibiu Training Day 5

A mini-workshop called ”Use of sustainable resources at the obtaining innovative foods” was organised by Monica Mironescu (ULB Sibiu, specialist in confectionery and sweets) together with Cornelia Dostetan Abalaru, PhD Eng. (Apilife Romania, specialised on honey-based products). The workshop was oriented on realising innovation by using honey (sustainable resource and traditional food) and chocolate (not sustainable, but very appreciated by all consumers) as support for new products by using micro-foaming as innovative technique. In this way, innovative foods as honey enriched with propolis or essential oils and chocolate enriched with antioxidants or antimicrobilas from plants were practically obtained by students together with the trainers. The atmosphere was very creative; students started to have ideas and to come with proposals for innovative products.

Discussion on “Benchmarks for sustainability, food safety and human wellbeing. Innovation as crossroad between tradition and sustainability”  was conducted by Endre Mathe (Debrecen University, specialist in Nutritional genetics).

Discussion on “Communication and management. Consumer psychology and consumer behaviour” was conducted by Pascal Dupeux (University “Claude Bernard” Lyon, specialist in Communication and Marketing).

Students continued to prepare the final essay and started to prepare the presentation for the conference and contest.

The activities in Day 5 took place at the Academic Centre ULBS.


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