Sibiu Training Day 6

A mini-workshop called ”Innovative techniques for the encapsulation of essential oils from aromatic plants” was organised by Cecilia Georgescu (ULB Sibiu, specialist in Food Chemistry) in the chemical lab of the Faculty ASFIEP iwork 09. Students learned to obtain microcapsules from alginate with essential oils from different plants. Students worked in small teams and each team obtained drinks containing microcapsules with mixes of essential oils 맥오에스.

Discussion on “Industrial development of new food. Innovation and sensorial analysis” was conducted by Pascal Dupeux.

Discussion on “Innovative food ingredients 스페인하숙 1화 다운로드. Functional food development. Technological strategies for food innovation” was conducted by Endre Mathe and Coralie Dupas-Farugia (University “Claude Bernard” Lyon, specialist in Food Science) 다운로드.

Students finished the final essay and the presentation for the conference and contest.

The activities in Day 6 took place at the Academic Centre ULBS 영화 범블비 다운로드.


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