First Training

Activities at Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania


1) Students, divided in two teams:

  • TEAM BLUE: Roshni Ashok Kadam (University of Debrecen – Hungary), Amadou Ndiaye (UCB/IUT Lyon – France), Antoni Petrov (UFT Plovdiv  – Bulgaria), Ionela Moraru (ULB Sibiu – Romania);
  • TEAM GREEN: Ayaz Mukarram Shaikh (University of Debrecen – Hungary), Zoé Mahafaliane (UCB/IUT Lyon – France), Teodora Tomova (UFT Plovdiv  – Bulgaria), Florin Titescu (ULB Sibiu – Romania);

2) Trainers: Endre Mathe (University of Debrecen – Hungary), Pascal Dupeux (UCB/IUT Lyon – France), Oana Piper (Supremia S.A., Romania), Alexandru Huppert (Supremia S.A., Romania), Mihai Ognean (ULB Sibiu – Romania), Coralie Dupas-Farrugia (UCB/IUT Lyon – France), Monica Mironescu (ULB Sibiu – Romania), Cecilia Georgescu (ULB Sibiu – Romania), Ion Dan Mironescu (ULB Sibiu – Romania) 다운로드.



The on-line training was organised in the period 01.08 – 30.09.2017.

The 8 selected students (2 students/ each HEI) started to work on the web platform in the on-line training 다운로드. They received all rights to access the section dedicated to the project development (Product projects).

They had two activities in parallel:

  1. A 다운로드. To learn on designing innovative and sustainable products, with added functionality. For realising this activity, they read the Knowledge Bases (KBs) realised by researchers during the first part of the project (KB with Traditional Products KB-TP; KB with Sustainable Resources and Processes KB-SRP; KB with Innovative Process and Ingredients KB-IPI) and the on-line training material for innovation in food by harnessing the tradition and assuring sustainability 다운로드. By reading the on-line material, the students had to make assessments to prove the learning process;
  2. B. To design an innovative and sustainable product, with added functionality 트로피코 다운로드. For solving this task, the students were divided aleatory in two teams (BLUE TEAM and GREEN TEAM). Supremia offered them two tasks to be solved: i) to design an innovative bakery/bread product enriched with fibres; ii) to design an innovative sausage product for children psd 파일. Both teams chosen the first task, so the project coordinator decided that each team to design a different bakery product enriched with fibres. Then, they determined as a team the product to be developed (the traditional product as start + the innovative ingredient(s) and/or process(es) + the sustainability aspects 행사음악 다운로드.

They had Mihai Ognean, Lecturer PhD Eng. from ULB Sibiu (specialist in Bread Technology) as trainer for the on-line activity to design an innovative and sustainable bakery product 오토캐드 2016 한글 다운로드.

The mains communication tools were the discussion boards on the platform and the emails.

A project development support section was available for students on the project platform 누끼따기.



During the 1st Practical training, the opportunity to work directly with industry and academics to solve practically the task given by Supremia, namely designing and developing an innovative bakery product enriched with fibres was offer to the students 다운로드. Students started to collaborate with trainers from the food organisation Supremia Grup S.A. and with professors from the universities participating in the project, to solve the task.

The students worked in the lab to obtain the innovative food product; their activity was supervised by Eng. Alexandru Huppert and the engineers from Supremia, department Research & Development and Mihai Ognean, Lecturer PhD Eng. from ULB Sibiu.

Four mini-workshops were organised and courses were held.


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