Sibiu Training Day 1

Training 1 started with the mini-workshop   ”Product development and project management”, organised by Ion Dan Mironescu (ULB Sibiu, specialist in Integrated Production Systems) adobe cc 다운로드. During the workshop, students learned how to realise effective project planning and control as valuable tools for product development and decision making 다운로드. A case study on steps required for the designing and developing of a new food products, bread enriched with fibres, was presented and discussed with the students 다운로드.

Mihai Ognean (ULB Sibiu, specialist in Bread Technology) hold the mini-workshop “Bread between tradition and innovation”. In this workshop, the main characteristics of traditional product were reviewed and some breads were analysed, in order to decide if these are traditional or regional products and if any traditional product could be developed in a bread which could be appreciated worldwide 나루토 더 라스트. The trainer showed that from the some ingredients (only wheat flour, water, yeast and salt) breads with different characteristics can be obtained. The students evaluated and tasted different breads (white bread obtained through straight method, with sponge, with sourdough and bread with maceration at low temperature and high level of hydration) 다운로드. The students appreciated the breads differently according with theirs cultural heritage and food habits. Diversity was celebrated through this workshop 다운로드.

Discussion on the theme “Traditional foods. Eating geographically and historically. Tradition and innovation in developing foods. The inventory of traditional foods and promoting national meals” were conducted by Endre Mathe and Pascal Dupeux 영화 완벽한 타인 다운로드.

All activities in the first day took place at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences Food Industry and Environmental Protection ASFIEP.

At the end of Day 1, students and trainers visited the beautiful city of Sibiu, former European cultural city (in 2007) and future European gastronomic city (in 2019) 아이스본 사전 다운로드.


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