Lyon Day 2

The activities related with students` selection and trainings were discussed. The main steps in selecting students were established, for students’ registration and selection 다운로드. The essay form and content were discussed, together with grading procedure for essays (commission and grades) and for oral presentation.
The trainings steps (online training and on place training), the componence of each team and the role of trainers were established 다운로드. The tasks to be solved were distributed to the partners. The structure of the online material and the partners’ implication in writing the material were established pgadmin 3. The judgement of the finished products realised by students, final material and final presentation were discussed.
In the afternoon, visits of Pôle Alimentec and IUT Bourg-en-Bresse campus were organised 연예할래 mp3 다운로드. The participants had the possibility to see the very well designed and organised labs from Pôle Alimentec, which offer to the students the possibility to learn and to apply the theory in practice nds4ios 롬파일. The library of the Centre national de la recherché scientifique Alimentec was presented by Laurence Berard.
The campus is organised in a way to offer to the students the possibility not only to participate at courses, labs, but also to relax in a creative and pleasant way (library inside the building, with spaces for different activities, spaces for making sports as table tennis, etc.) atnote 다운로드.
A virtual tour of the Eglise de Brou and center Bourg-en-Bresse was offered by a colleague from IUT.
In the evening, the gala dinner offered another chance to enhance the connections between the project members and to taste another local products as Poule de Bourg-en-Bresse nba2k20.

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