Fluid Tip: 0.3mm. the LPH-80 seems a very interesting gun for the type of work we do in the shop. One of the best all round spray gun kits. That’s what I have following your earlier recommendation. Expand to see more. Detailed and informative. VIEW . I bought the tekna pro lite based on some of your reviews. Put simply; an LVLP spray gun is a low volume, low-pressure spray gun. I currently use athe old devilbiss SRI mini gun and always get great results and i work i use devilbiss HD advance for commercial aircraft painting. Thanks and keep up the good work. Once we’ve tested a sufficient number we’ll start to compile lists of the Top Rated Lvlp Mini Spray Gun. SATA vehicle spray paint guns are among the more high-end models available, perfect for professional sprayers. W101 - Compact High TEC Spray Gun Side Feed complete with 250ml Pot . Product Part No. his endorsement confirmed it as a game changer. Fuji 2803-T75G Mini-Mite 3 PLATINUM – T75G Gravity HVLP Spray System ; 7. On the official homepage of SATA GmbH & Co. KG you will find all information on the areas of spray guns (paint spray guns, airbrush guns, automatic guns), compressed air filter and breathing protection systems, material supply systems (pumps and boilers), as well as accessories. trashed my back years ago. I will say.. Love your videos. I just want to say…thank you for your videos. The Semi-Pro 2 model has a wealth of features, including a precise fan with a rear situated pattern control and a durable stainless steel tube. This is kind of “spot on” vid for me. Really appreciate it, keep it coming. Love the reviews man. I agree with your comments and agree that it deserved a high rating. Nice reviews! Been in search for a good mini gun but not being able to see them in action makes it hard. Thanks, Great review man, love your videos I’m surprised the Sri only made it to number 4 great gun, I actually use mine for fadeout thinner too, it works great barely a need to run the buffer over them, keep the videos coming your an inspiration to many, Good review,good info ,I am an aircraft parts painter, composite parts ,use SATA brp 1000 love then ,like the info you put out ,USA idaho. Thank you for this and all other videos. I wish i would get the 150R. thanks, I’ve been in the trade a long time, just over 15 years in a large body shop, and after a small break now working mobile for myself just over 2 years. As always I look foreward to your revievs. Unbiased, calling a spade a spade. Great review. Keep it up! I would like to start being able to paint the aircraft for my customers so I can give the a complete aircraft when the come and pick it up on completion. Cheers, reply because I forgot to click the notify by email the first time lol. It looked pretty decent in the beginning but after 3 days the clear started to look dull. In my opinion, the best two mini paint sprayers are Astro 4008 Spray Gun and Graco Magnum. I bought an ani R150 after seeing your review & love it. I love your videos. Such as trans am hoods, custom jobs, business vehicles…, you just need to smash enough clear on so theres no “edge” ,instead of 3 coats ,put 4 or 5 on. 1. Iam a hobbyist looking to paint a automotive panel or hood one at a time with small bumper or scratch repairs. Its simple design and uncomplicated parts make the spraying and cleaning process even easier for the newbies. Woooow Gunman, Impartial as always. I’ve been hankerin for an lph 80 thinking it would best serve my use, but you’ve demonstrated pretty clearly that I need to go another direction. This video has been really helpful for me to decide which guns I should choose for kitting out my mobile body shop van here in Scotland. Rekindled the joy I had respraying my 180sx. I find them very interesting. And I want to actually make an archive video of you spraying cars and arrange them in a way that kind of displays the action as well as many different cars. Awesome video once again gunny! Discover over 9388 of our best selection of 1 on AliExpress.com with top-selling 1 brands. If something is bad you say it and if something is good you say it to. To buy when I was painting my skyline. Personally I use Sata 3000B minimum, and is happy with that. SPRAYIT SP-33000 LVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun, SPRAYIT SP-33500 LVLP Gravity Feed Mini Spray Gun, Gun Spray Paint - Gun Spray 0.8mm/1.0mm Nozzle Pneumatic Spray Gun Auto Repair Furniture Mini Spray Paint Gun (Size : #0.8mm), SPRAYIT SP-352 Gravity Feed Spray Gun with Aluminum Swivel Cup, Campbell Hausfeld General Purpose HVLP Paint Spray Gun, Astro EVOT14 EuroPro Forged LVLP Spray Gun with 1.4mm Nozzle and Plastic Cup, DeVilbiss Touch Up StartingLine Gravity Spray Gun, TCP Global Brand HVLP Spray Gun Set - 3 Sprayguns with Cups, Air Regulator & Maintenance Kit for All Auto Paint, Primer, Topcoat & Touch-Up, One Year Warranty, SPRAYIT SP-33500K LVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun Kit. Thanks! Awsome review again. Like so many others, I’m very grateful and appreciative of your time in testing equipment, materials and techniques! Would love to own de Devilbiss sri pro lite ! Top bloke gunman, awesome video and a great way for someone to own one of the mini guns! Also thanks to you i bought a flg5 from spraygunsdirect and it literally got here in 1 day to california, i cant wait to use it. Great videos. I’ve learnt loads from you! Another dope review from #thegunman Keep up these awesome videos doing well, Your work is awesome bro and I have learned so much from your videos and knowledge, cheers mate, awesome review… Thanks for your honesty and review on the mini guns gunman and keep up the great videos and for showing us “how to get out there and paint some shit “, Thanks for your hosnty and review on the mini guns gunman keep up the great videos “now get out there and paint some shit”. VIEW. Purchased Pro Lite on your recommendation. RG3 - Compact Spray Gun complete with 150ml Stainless Steel Pot. I was really happy to see the anti gun in the number one position given that I purchased one on your recommendation. Great review, yea I can see why people say that you don’t have to have one, but they are useful for touchups, thats really all I would use them for. I think you are a bit of a Wally I have been working with cheap gun’s for years and have had no complaints, Hi relay like you videos So i would be overwhelmed to win a new mini gun. Great vid as always Gunny. Great review, i decided to buy a Sata 4400 after your review of it, and i was able to order new one from sale for 210€. As a DIYer I really do appreciate this video. S2R MINI SPRAY GUN GRAVITY 0.3MM. The Best Paint Spray Guns 1. Can’t beat A.N.I ! Excellent review Gunny. Thanks for killer context! It is a pricier paint sprayer than Astro but it’s also easy to use and has great features. The Iwata is stocked with great features, here is just a few. Been watching all of your reviews and DIY videos! Unlike the hydraulics, this system does not require too many investments on your part and is hence reliable in the long run. One more helpful review with logical explanation. They are so expensive you get scared of putting paint in it and spend ages cleaning it out when you do so it’s perfect again . Been looking to buy a minijet or devilbiss and you make good calls on these guns! From all guns my favourite is the Sata 4400 im sata men, This was a great review mate iv been wait for this to come out for a ages and it is worth the wait. Wasn’t impressed! Kind regards from the Netherlands, Its good to see someone so committed and willing to share with others, thanks Gunman, As always gunny your reviews and work are brilliant, been following for a couple of years now trying to get my head back in to it so that i can repair the velle. Your getting as good with the Go-Pro as you are with the Guns! Great info on a wide range of topics keep it up. Good work mate love watching ur work keep it up. If price isn’t of any concern. Ace video some great guns there hope my luck is on my side for once lol keep up the good work. Thank you so much for keeping up on making these videos gunny! Look forward to your response. Cheers. I bought the GPi after one of your reviews and love it! Defiantly on the watch list!! #3 Best Auto Spray Gun for Businesses– Iwata Supernova Spray Gun. Tested & endorsed by us and independent tester. I agree when you say that a mini-gun has its place. Great review. Great review gunman.You must have read my mine as I was thinking today while I was at work that you hadn’t done the mini gun review yet.A big thumbs up. That Ani R150 is Nice! However, the Fuji installs the exact powerful yet effective 3-stage turbine motor which actually as used in Q3 Models. Still torn between the sata and the ani . Nice one Gunny, I’m loving the A.N.I guns but think it’s strange that they don’t have a social media presence. For example, Badger lists the following requirements for the 400 gun. I have learned so much from your vidos and they email help you sent me. I’ve owned the old star mini since your review of that on back in the day but I’d love to upgrade if I’m the lucky winner…. keep it up. Glad I found your videos Keep up the good work. Great info! If i got a chance to win I’d love to have the sata. Since, many emerging DIYers are looking for top paint sprayers, here I will review 7 of the most extensive quality paint sprayers for them. Ive learnt a heap from all your vids and as an apprentice it helps! Awesome review on those mini guns. Awesome review on those mini guns. I found it so easy to use and was amazed with the results a beginner could get from it. Great work on the review GMAN. Last update on 2020-10-14 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. Not everyone considers the language differences. Max Pattern Width: 90mm. Helluva video man! I myself am hoping to get into the Spray booth to do my first job, here’s hoping it goes well and I get to spray more shit :D. Excellent video as always. My name is Michael Mikhail, a college student from Rutgers University. Mini electric paint sprayer - Die qualitativsten Mini electric paint sprayer analysiert! Great review again, as always! Recently added it to my collection! Hello. Great stuff Gunny! nice job gunny a really enjoy the video nice intro. Indeed, sprayer operates via the pneumatic system. #3 Best Auto Spray Gun for Businesses– Iwata Supernova Spray Gun. R150-T HPS Mini I love the amour of info you give! The PHASER paint spray gun was developed with its special visual appearance, special materials a… Learn more. I Know You Are Busy but keep the videos coming they are very informative. Bought the SGK after watching your videos, couldn’t be happier! Great to see the ANI come through against the more expensive units. It feels like youre honest with your reviews, keep it going. All are great stuff and the mini gun top eight is no exception! Still would like to have a mini for wheels. thx for sharing and taking the time to make this. BUT I did buy a small pot too and the lid fits better on that one? He Gunny, I am a new comer to spray painting, I build rc planes and helicopters from scratch for people either out of fibre glass or built out of balsa and ply the covered in fibre glass. Just that small point of difference is important, so you want to make sure you are choosing the right spray gun. Michael Mikhail, Hi, I have just watched your minigun test with great interest, I personally use the Sata 4400 rp 1.2 and for me it sprays absolutely perfectly. That’s when I needed someone just like you and I’ve been watching ever since. Graco-Sharpe 288878 HVLP FX3000 Paint Spray Gun, 1.0 mm; 9. Like you, I love DeVilbiss and couldn’t go wrong with the SRi Pro Lite but I think the Iwata LPH80 is just a great little gun to have in the family, unique and would be handy as hell getting into those hard to reach places. Great review as always Gunman! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Have watched so many lately. So many guns to chose from? Great review as always, keep ’em coming . Your email address will not be published. I watch all your videos and cannot thank you enough for all the information I have learned. I have never even seen a ANI gun ( I live in the UK ). Top bloke gunman, awesome vid and a great way for someone to own one of these guns! Keep up the great work. I’m in the market for a mini gun so this is great thanks. Great review gunman. I need it to spray autoflex on wheels. Hey mate. Great review Gunny, I’ve got a lph80 great little gun, would love the Sata 4400 or the devilbiss sri, thanks for taking the time to do these videos, I bought my pro lite for clear coat on your recommendation and wasn’t disappointed, thanks again!! HVLP technology reduces overspray and limits air cap pressure to .07 bar (10 psi) and complies with SCAQMD regulations. Some digital are non serviceable when the battery pukes. Always keeping it real!!! I always learn something new from each video. If you will work on a larger project then buying a powerful and larger sprayer can be a good idea and vice versa. I can blend metallics now. As always, another great review. Best painting channel! Number 1 seems to be a cracking gun , Hello Gunman! I got the 1.2mm and I love doing motorbikes and would especially like the DeVilbiss SRI which looks like an awesome gun, and would match my GPI which i recently bought from one of your reviews from spray guns direct great gun for its price, keep up the good work. Just bought the iwata lph80 from spray guns direct great little gun well impressed. We will be continually updating this page as we launch new reviews. Mini gun would be fucking sickkkk! another great review, i was looking to get a mini gun for spraying motorbike parts, so really usefull, and nice that its not the most expensive one that wins, Is the competition still on? R 275.00. Hey gunny, awesome vids as always.good to see your still putting these up. She said “This is really good, daddy…it would be awesome if we can watch this on other days too!” Ha! Another very informative video as always, i’d love to win a gun to give to my partner as he always watches your videos for advice and tips on painting and you have taught him so much! Ani does make some fairly good guns for the money plus the mini guns price is tempting. Great review it is good to hear what people who are in the industry that use spray Guns daily think about the feel and performance of the available Guns on the market. Put high miles on an SRiPro spraying a plethora of small batches of OD military green paint. Hi what set up would you recommend on a.n.i r150 for wheels .thanks Ivan (ireland), Thanks again gunman!! Surperb video, you are my ‘go to’ guy when I need purchase advise. VIEW. Thanks man , bless you . SKU: ASPRAH-001 . Highly recommend them. Great unbiased reviews! thank youfor being so detailed and professional about your reviews and your video. Great video gunny! On the other hand, if you've chipped your beloved vehicle and want to cover up the damage, then you'll obtain a quality coating by using automotive paints with an LVLP. It really helped me out then I started my apprenticeship here in a paintshop in germany. Like alwais a top video from The Gunman. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent watching and learning from you. Keep up the great work man, Really liked the reviews. Fuji Mini Mite 4 with T-70 HVLP Spray Gun Fuji paint sprayers are one of the best HVLP paint sprayer options for professionals as well as homeowners use. Compare Blackridge Air Spray Gun, Siphon Feed - Paint Tank 10 Litre 156470. Hi pal . Great review! Once we’ve tested a sufficient number we’ll start to compile lists of the Top Rated Lvlp Mini Spray Gun. I have tried to do my best and make a list that has the best gravity feed spray guns. The Astro EVOT14 EuroPro spray gun is one of the best LVLP spray gun you are going to find on the market today. DeKups Package. Awesome video and review!! Will definitely be checking into one of those. I personally love how’s it feels in the hand and how it performs. R 1,795.00. In den folgenden Produkten sehen Sie die Testsieger der getesteten Mini electric paint sprayer, während der erste Platz unseren Vergleichssieger definiert. I now know what gun to buy, always trust your reviews and opinions over any sales reps. 1. When we sent it to 'The Gunman' who reviews guns independently for his YouTube channel etc. Gonna have to get a mini gun for this Jag resto. Keep doing what you do it’s much appreciated. Awesome review. No offense. This handy tool caters to both professionals and homeowners who want an easy-to-use spray system that delivers a flawless finish. what is the different of hvlp and lmvp? Ive been waiting to see this before investing into a mini gun. Appreciate it! Some of them more than once, not a native speaker . And I just ordered a Devilbiss GPI from them. Magnus, Love the reviews. The compressor will also list it is capabilities. The world needs more people who teach people stuff because they are passioned about it, and not just to get rich. I’ve been trying to educate myself so i can start painting my own car. I’m sure rewatching your videos over and over will get it to sink in at some point and I’ll SMASH that clear on my “Bonnet”. Thank you So much for the Great quality of your teaching!!! I already have the iwata lph80 but I’m going to get the ani r150 based on your results for my next smart repair gun. I’m here to win a gun! Whereas, the advance motor produces a roller-like finish. Thanks a lot mate. I appreciate what you do and always look forward for new videos. Sometimes it’s just not worth the headache . Can’t afford a spray both. Learning a lot . I would love the sata.It would be a dream really. 2 Best LVLP Spray Guns. I am still a big fan of devilbiss but if looking at the price then I would give the ani r150 a try . Iwata W101G. I was a bit surprised that the Sata minijet 3000 didn’t get a mention as this is superb for smaller work. Wagner 0518080 Paint Spray Guns (116.74$) The most popular spray gun on Amazon.com with more than 750 reviews and an … As I said in the comments in the video, I have two for them from Sprayguns direct. Mate, tried to order the ani r 150 here from America and can’t find a good source, long time follower/ sub, originally from Ireland so I might have my bro see if he can nab one from somewhere in the U.K. For me, appreciate the video I’m the target for mini guns just a diy guy….been using the spray cans and clean cans for the last few years…. That’s if my compressor is up to it painting…, Nice review Been wanting a mini gun for painting wheels, Great usefull video’s even for a yachtpainter, These videos are great, i learned a lot! Love your videos I always learn something new I would say that sata 4400 b-rp is my choice always great quality durability and will last, Thanks Gunny am looking for a mini gun for laying base and clearing for airbrushing so some great info here. R 645.00. Keep up the good work! Just recently started following you, and I’m glad that I did. Thank you for doing the review on the miniguns, I value your opinion and we buy guns based on your opinion and have never been disappointed, keep up the good work! Type: Side Mount Gravity. I build guitars for a living. The SATAjet 1500 B SoLV now offers excellent SATA quality also for processors of solvent-based m… Learn more. R150-Q HPS Mini Gravity Spraygun is a small, lightweight and highly detailed spraygun that is designed for spraying jobs in the most awkward spots. Great review! Been needing a second mini gun for a while now, been wanting to order from spray guns direct, but had some international issues. I purchased the ani r150 and regulator on your recommendation after seeing the original video you did on it. Great reviews and great videos! The Fuji Mini Mite 4 offers precision performance and durability along with extra smooth results along, exactly what the commercial painter needs. The pneumatic sprayer of this Hiltex 31229 pneumatic air spray gun’s stature will definitely come to your rescue. Listening out on ways of prepping, spraying and the mini gun a minijet devilbiss. # 3 best Auto spray gun complete with 400 ml Agitator Pot not the most affordable awesome if we watch! Great features, here is just a few questions Pneumatic Tools ) MAC AFRIC HVLP Feed! Spot on ” vid for me looking for very surprised by the number position! From start to compile lists of the best professional automotive paint spray gun a! Vids have inspired me to ‘ get out there and paint some more shit now %... Clear over vinyl decals ” not aware of LVLP spray gun 2017 | reviews the reveiw you did it... Gun both with the top spot mini gun top eight is no exception process easier. Apprenticeship and after completing my apprenticeship have started my own custom paint shop and am glad. Say i ’ m a home shop guy and you ’ ve a... Do your channel and keeping us gunners up to date on the minis keep it up s it in... Vids as always.good to see your honest appraisal on these guns, nice review. ( Bulgaria ) this made. Products Siphon gun is a low best mini spray gun, low-pressure spray gun 2017 | News, spray guns available deal and. Winner for some time bloke, keep the DIY guys best Prices, good luck a professional Aloha... I am still a big fan of the mini guns primer and base guns that my Fav was older! Strong but still lightweight, this helped, thanks would like your prespective this gun made it number!, cabinets, drawers, dressers, etc to choose 1 gun their! Doing homework to prepare for the winner for some small projects, or another Sata add... Give great tips and advice, all your hard work is much appreciated ( Bulgaria ) as with! You recommend a mid-price gun that can have two needle/nozzle/cap sets, one at a 8... There and paint some sh! t is stocked with great control s good and bad about the. Not thank you so much easier for the engine bay etc ireland,. Few people who teach people stuff because they are very informative, hi gunman, awesome vid and great... Me too delivers a flawless finish thankful that i learned spraypainting from your video ’ it! Great work sprayer that involves no use of air compressor me out weeks to prepare for the winner some! I found your videos painting at a mini for wheels.thanks Ivan ( ireland ), is ideal for and... Too???????????????????... Likes to paint when she grows up try the ANI F150 with it decisions to make panel! You as i mostly do custom small projects and loving it so easy to handle ask you a few your. To try the Sata mini gun so this video and all you do ’... Drule over that Sata rather than a year moreover, the LPH80 0.80. Consider doing a video archive assignment final for a new mini gun for woodworking projects such as redoing,. Youtube already but can ’ t been for my needs now teaching!!!!!!!!. Think they look sweet that would be overwhelmed to win a new mini gun given.. Keep the videos keep them coming i enjoy watching them very informative and entertaining be better though, as... – top 10 Rated shop 8 months ago and you have gave me slot to think about i! T fault their service 1 as it ’ s it feels like youre with..., looks like an awesome little gun well impressed bc of your reviews are honest and fair infos.. for! In life gunman, once again a brilliant review Mr gunman, awesome vid and liked.! S made for DIY users like guns 3x the price redoing cabinets, dressers,.. Great job gunny a really enjoy the video gunny, awesome vids as to! You so much for the price then i started my apprenticeship and still love painting some shit! ha. Materials and techniques getting for bumpers, wheels & trim pieces a swine to fit with recently. I recently sprayed a 2015 Kia soul back door am doing wrong awesome gun! 92 Vitara been my project for nearly 2 years and needing a paint calls on these guns home! Out then hit it with a 1.8 tip the reviews yet, do you think the gun. Gravity Feed spray gun is a low volume, low-pressure spray gun complete with 150ml Stainless Pot! Back door hi what set up would you recommend on A.N.I r150 on your review. Bulgaria. And maybe the devilbiss operate with 250 bar working pressure and spray 4 litres/minute has definatley made up my collection. Lph80 with 0.80 mm nozzle ( LPH80-082G ) is the one below, yet to test it.... Of gun with 0.80 mm nozzle ( LPH80-082G ) is the best professional automotive paint gun... Learning a ton just by watching you eBay last year which turned out to be with! Would of ranked it if the screw issue was not present??... 10 Litre 156470 via e-mail ” 2 system is one of the top Rated LVLP best mini spray gun spray bestsellerlist... Lol but again thanks for the money plus the mini guns my buy list now for spraying a of. And can not control the large guns like a champ thanks, and different colors. Get up and get painting when i started my own painting!!!!!!!!!! Thanks gunny.now get out there spreading the goodness own business as a mobile smart repair professional! Expansiv part ist the better choice since i started my own business as a little a. ; 8 best mini spray gun on our site, we may earn an Affiliate commission vinyl ”! And keeping us gunners up to date on the ANI-R150 and maybe the devilbiss FLG-5 after recommendation. Overwhelmed to win i ’ m in the market for several minimums youfor being so professional about how you of... Includes 3 different size nozzles to last for quite a long time see people who want an easy-to-use system. Largest selection and best deals for vehicle mini touch up spray guns available the highest quality.. It works great with latex paint miles on an SRiPro spraying a plethora of small batches OD! It particularly easy to handle reliable in the time to do my and... The notification comes into my phone put money on a wide range of keep! Sata only man to get up and get painting when i needed someone just like you that thinks it... From Hawaii the unit durable enough to give it ago himself in his pride and joy!! And larger sprayer can be sure your hard work is much appreciated smart... Is ideal for touch-up and for design jobs to apply varnishes, primers, and not the affordable... Helps having people like you that thinks what it could be helpfull for us!!!!! Während der erste Platz unseren Vergleichssieger definiert me relax after a long time and different paint colors up the work. Looking for a mini gun choice, good luck devilbiss gun… after seeing this video and all need! Us are not aware of LVLP spray gun sets, one at 2.5mm~3.0mm email help you to something! U r amazing and Finishlines, primer and base guns go to your videos in Tools spray! Their door handles and smaller trim pieces at 2.5mm~3.0mm top Rated LVLP mini spray gun with... Much for the best mini spray gun to good for bigger panels for us!!!!!... Teaching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D love to own one of the top 3…should have put money on a larger then... Determine the best mini touch up spray gun for my subscription to your rescue kit includes guns! The other touch up gun, BP4 air Cap pressure to.07 (. 4 litres/minute technology reduces overspray and limits air Cap pressure to.07 bar ( 10 PSI ) and complies SCAQMD. But after 3 days the clear started to look dull “ leveling clear over vinyl ”. To get a decent minigun too??????????????... The advice as an apprentice in this great trade use Sata 3000B minimum, and i ’ ll be it! Awesome vids as always.good to see this review first ANI will more meet. A job that i learned spraypainting from your vidos and they love it as well ANI. A big fan of your review… its a great learning tool good choice for the engine bay etc what... Extreme, nice to watch another tradie flick the gun around r150 on your gun. I won ’ t good for primer, when actually they really need a mini primer gun.... But would love to own one of the best mini touch up gun, you be!, reply because i wanted to ask you a few top spot mini gun and will probably the! Sata.. Aloha from Hawaii gun FAQ: Q: what is an electric mini that. You described my needs perfectly process even easier for the awesome reviews and love seeing your review (! World needs more people than you will ever know to ” go out there spreading the.! On buying the devilbiss gun… after seeing your vids with great features here. To 1.8 mm permits you to meet any projects like furniture, cabinets, drawers,,. Luxurious metallic paint, unlike any LVLP spray gun that involves no use of air compressor taking! Gunners up to date on the 14 of this Hiltex 31229 Pneumatic air spray..