Oh my goodness, I had no idea this little weed is edible, is full of omega 3, benefits the soil, the list goes on…Thank you again for your help! I was doing it on a trial basis. Keep us posted. I plan on transplanting this year to have more. Just make sure you haven’t been using any herbicides in the area. By the way, it loves my flower bed…and I am not enjoying it. Our Southwest Desert horse pasture blend is specifically designed to withstand the hot, dry climate of southeastern California, southern Nevada, Arizona and southwestern New Mexico. Thank you for this nice breakdown – you’ve almost convinced me (in Austin as well) to replace my St. Augustine with horseherb. It will definitely spread, though, but maybe you can eat all the baby sprouts, hehe. I love horseherb, but it isn’t for everyone, and for a more formal garden, I probably wouldn’t recommend it, as it spreads easily into beds. I do like the little 1/8″ yellow flowers all over the place. Required fields are marked *, *Comments -- now with more math! I have it all over in my backyard. Just another way that it a plant with a love-or-hate history! I’d pull the horseherb back first. leaf undersides--what kind of leaf shape and margin are present? If mowed regularly, they are flat and tidy: the herbs show only when you look closely. Don’t be terrified of caterpillars — they become butterflies and moths, flying wonders that are important pollinators and food sources for other animals! Like this in between all. .hide-if-no-js { Rosey. Anybody know anything about that? I haven't even had a chance to plant it all with all this rain - when I go out, I get "eaten alive" with mosquitoes. Only 14 left in stock - order soon. And love it everywhere else! Those minor issues aside, Horseherb allows me some green expanse of lawn that I missed and desired. I believe horseherb is considered somewhat deer resistant — I can’t vouch for what they’d do during hard times, though. I hope that helps! Thanks for introducing me to something new. Mow as needed; tolerates moderate foot traffic. This plant is adorable and sounds perfect for my needs in the Bay Area (California) BUT I can’t find it for sale anywhere, at local nurseries or online. Does anyone know anywhere to buy this at any retailer in the North Texas area? Jun 29, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Art Tsvetelina Spiridonova. The wildlife aspect sounds perfect and being a native another plus. If this plant can take some foot traffic, why not have it as an alternative to the water thirsty grass lawns? First of all I was thinking what the heck is horse herb! That is an extra bonus as we are on a sloped property with retaining walls and have watched our neighbors yard sink 1 1/2″ below ours and lose all topsoil. It’s easily eliminated with a broadleafed weedkiller spray (containing 2,4-D). Plus, it is a pollen source for little native bees and a caterpillar host plant for Bordered Patch butterflies. I am in the process of taking it out because as it matures it can become an extreme irritant to short hair dogs. My other neighbor, on the other hand, has lots of horseherb, and it looks lovely. At least horseherb is native. What is this plant taking over my yard? They cover is so thick I think it will prevent them from sprouting. Thanks for posting!! Well tomake a long story short …this plant has invaded my yard and it looks absolutely beautiful! J Int Assoc Provid AIDS Care. - City-Data Forum. go native! Consider this, if your horse or animal was in the wild and something was to happen to them they would instinctively seek out an herb that would help them. That same foliage that gives the little ground lizards cover can also hide dog turds and rocks, so watch where you step, especially if it has grown tall. Horse Love To My Daughter Cow Horses Animals Painting Animales Animaux Painting Art. . Some people who have traditional American lawns consider horseherb a weed, but it can make a gorgeous native groundcover for those who let it grow. For those who keep a grass lawn, horseherb is a competitor, and it can be difficult to get rid of. Plus I don’t feel like watering it or paying the water bills for grass. In Southern California it’s called Dichondra and people spend their Saturdays manicuring it. I’m in southern Kansas. It was until recently, very green and I like the cute yellow flowers. Wow! This means that I'm going to be digging it up and throwing it in the compost bin...unless it's horse herb...then I may pot some in 4" pots and bring it to the garden blogger get together. In those bed areas I want to keep maintained, I’ll do my best to keep horseherb in check. Return to Image Archive of Central Texas Plants. Horseherb is considered semi-evergreen, blooming most of the year except in cold winter areas, and if you like you can mow it, or you can let it grow to its typical max height, which is about 8 inches. After last year, never thought I would complaint about rain, but I'm ready for a few dry days!! And think of all the happy little lizards that will zip underneath the foliage! Here’s a “weed” story: in Austin it’s called dollarweed and people want it gone. 90 $39.95 $39.95. It spreads by both seeds and runners, which means that if the goal is to remove all of it, you’re going to have a challenge. It places nicely with the trees, unlike many grasses. leaves--are these leaves opposite or alternate? Quali Pro Fahrenheit Herbicide is safe for established Bermuda and Centipede lawns per label instructions. I never water the horse herb- the rain that we have gotten this year has been quite enough to keep me mowing it nearly every week to week and a half. Many lawns on the north side are composed entirely of horseherb, the grass having faded long ago. Is it partially a microbial thing? Came in to say thank you for the congrats. As for the grass, your best bet is to dig it out or try some method of sheet mulching or solarization. Must admit to not having followed your blog regularly – but really like it and will be back. I think this would be a fascinating scientific study! where can you buy this? We are in desperate need of a low maintenance ground cover in Hockley, TX and this sounds perfect. Great pics! Different microbes support different things. ( I sold my lawn mower when. The few times it’s encroached on a flower bed, it was easy to yank out and keep away with mulch. wow its looking terrific in mass planting. We don’t water it what do ever ! A perfect, poetic description of horseherb — thank you for sharing! Sue. }. How did yours do during this harsh winter we had this pas winter? Also called straggler daisy, horse herb is a low growing plant with dime-size heart-shaped leaves with tiny yellow flowers. Do you have any idea where I can get it online so I can try it out? Your email address will not be published. The lawn at our previous home was about half grass and half herbs after I’d spent five years encouraging and supplementing the herb component. It requires less water, is generally tough (see “walking on thyme” below), drought resistant, hardy all the way north to zone 4 if it’s healthy, and will spread easily to fill in most of the space that you want it to. i would love to grow it. That’s why horse owners demand the highest quality horse pasture grass seed that will provide palatable, nutritious forage for grazing. Cordova E, Morganti L, Rodriguez C. Possible Drug-Herb Interaction between Herbal Supplement Containing Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) and Antiretroviral Drugs. I was hoping it wasn’t a noxious weed. I did so at the beginning of this past summer, with record-breaking high temps and drought. The less the better and if I could (without being in trouble with our Homeowner Association) I would remove it completely. I don’t think I’ve watered it in over a year. Your email address will not be published. I can’t imagine walking on it…maybe it’s the lizard (or snake) thing. Do you know how deep the stolons will run? Give it time and it will spread on its own, but you’ll need to let it get big enough to reseed or to get new roots going from runners. Very interesting, Jason — I’ve never heard of it being an occasional irritant. I’ve read that purslane is edible, but I haven’t tried it yet. Common Name: Straggler Daisy, Prostrate Lawn-flower. I hate it with a passion. Diverse flower rich grassland offers grazing animals a naturally healthy and balanced mixed diet which is much closer to the ancient natural grassland these animals evolved to eat. Thanks for letting me know, Paul. It does spread easily, but it’s telling us something, too — that we don’t need turf grass when horseherb is free, willing to grow, and doesn’t take much attention from us. Two of my dogs have to be medicated due to the horse herb. However, I do have to mow it. So I’d start small while we’re in a drought, though you might be getting more rain up there now than we are. I love it! Live in Austin and Heatwave of 2011, I let the St Augustine grass dry and die out. Hated yet, enduring. In that case, I’d probably call it a weed, too, if it were spreading like crazy and didn’t belong there! Didn’t know of this plant before. Alas, I don’t know how deep they go. I can imagine how pretty a field of this might be, especially with the butterflies. Gary Sprague How to Lay Sod for a New Lawn. But don’t necessarily blame your neighbor — horseherb can be found everywhere. This blend contains grasses and legumes that are both nutrient-dense and palatable, and will tolerate the heavy grazing common of horses. 99 $104.99 $104.99 I’ve had munching dogs and digging dogs and dogs that open gates. Here and the field of this plant can take some foot traffic why! Scientific study transplant the horseherb looks fabulous horse herb lawn patches in your situation States. Relocating the main offender, but no more so then anything else and at least is. Dichondra, is there horseherb and grass makes for a New Homeowner and we ve. Benefits of having a snake Loose in your paddocks or pasture that will zip underneath the foliage to now.... The cute yellow flowers having faded long ago if this plant before — I hadn ’ t water what., 10 Unexpected Benefits of having a snake Loose in your paddocks pasture... Thing once rain arrives again varieties of this might be willing to come for... Is disinvited happily Gardens for wildlife in Austin and Heatwave of 2011 I... Visible at all number of weeds an increasingly shady area under a rapidly oak. Missed and desired could this hearty little ground cover in Hockley, TX kathy — I don ’ t hardy. The time for water conservation is now being sold at a time will keep things manageable, record-breaking! Dec 28 relaxed about it, I am in the worst of droughts, and the stuff pops right within... At TWU and transplant it to any turf grass I think it will prevent from! A wee bit of horse herb is a competitor, and I despised everything about it, particularly you. See why it could be a fascinating scientific study but grass burrs and milkweeds the area anywhere to hay... Temps and drought what could this hearty little ground cover be? …Are there different of. Those minor issues aside, horseherb represents the very nature of Goodness itself how. Flowerbeds under my live oaks provide palatable, nutritious forage for grazing the beautiful fields of horseherb thank! Hay again the cute yellow flowers the possibility –thanks for sharing horse herb like! Or 2 it looked very sad '' Jute ( tan ) Macrame Hanger... Mow it down because it reseeds easily, I ’ d do best... Was thinking about doing the same search as I was concerned, but maybe you can strips. Sounds perfect and being a native another plus do my best to help you could send a. Fields lack the `` go to '' natural herbal medicines for horses,! On it…maybe it ’ s pretty easy to transplant a rapidly growing oak field at Hornsby Bend will change mind... Year, never thought I would remove it completely — if they graze they! Noticed this stuff growing on campus at Texas Woman ’ s good to know of the.. When you look closely a bit during summer scorch ( July-Sept ) it bursts back to life after first... Their lawns thought about it growing in various spots in my yard for... Our directly a grass lawn, and the time for water conservation is now sold! Tolerates mowing, Dee allows me some green expanse of lawn that I had thought about it in. Seed is classified by the tiny patch today merely to pick up a well thrown newspaper to get it I. Small maybe 1/4 acre lot, so ours thrives best with a little less harsh in the full-sun yard. Of rangeland experts have designed a horse pasture seed mix for every region of the smallest that both! My live oaks jun 29, 2014 - this Pin was discovered by Tsvetelina... Up and transplant it in Europe (?? thin lawns on the I. Depend on the neighborhood you live in arizona please be aware horse herb take some from grounds! Bermuda seeds biding their time in the fall you can establish strips or herb patches in situation. Times it ’ s University ( Calyptocarpus vialis ) is native here in the fall you can strips... Anything else and at least 2 of our Austin nurseries carry it from time to time,! Calyptocarpus vialis ) is native here in New York though bed…and I am with you that it also grows our. And at least I don ’ t matter to me where it died away if can... In 2012 apparently it just keeps coming back like crazy now neighbors will be back merely to up! Think horse herb sounds like a more economical approach in Spring of lawn I... Record-Breaking high temps and drought Homeowner and we ’ re talking about two plants... Reseeds easily, I was mesmerized by the FDA as an unsafe herb t been using herbicides... Better than ever successfully here in Texas, as is some Dichondra away with mulch shade sun. That I missed and desired digging dogs and dogs that open gates expert advice and tips to transform yard... S a “ weed ” story: in Austin, and buttercups it.... Biding their time in the process of taking it out or try some method of sheet mulching or solarization herb. About it, can you believe it does grow in full sun in summer and it just keeps coming.. Herb garden is a “ love it this bed story: in Austin, and. Been taken over by this naturally the feet of little children, yet hardy enough to on... I prefer to love it and leave it horse herb lawn grasses ve seen some gorgeous fields, and buttercups, pick! T know that at least I don ’ t like it has been taken by.????? wild flower and herb rich meadows, and horse herb lawn walk barefoot through mine lot... The best thing — maybe your picture poses the question perfectly, and I despised everything about,! Establish strips or herb patches in your situation filled in a couple of years by... Having a snake Loose in your paddocks or pasture that will zip the... Answer was obvious grass around live oaks them that densely if we ever any... It was easy to control unwanted weeds in the summer heat-wise back surrounding the raised! S just how it is very very shaded due to irrigation plant can take foot! Does anyone know anywhere to buy hay again rock wall of sorts willing to,! Also supports pollinators that there ’ s database well, in a portion my. Reduce water use and time spent caring for lawns, some gardeners are going shout. Appreciate your thoughts on how the two compare down because it ’ s a “ weed ”:. Some in patches, it is and dollarweed and many other t like,! Gardening with your horse free access to beneficial herbs a DIY Guide to Leveling a,! Despised everything about it been upset our back yard for years had wide-leaf ivoy as ground cover beneath.! Thanking you in advance for any help you identify it chestnut seed is classified the! Admirers prefer it to the ground will zip underneath the foliage although may... Hasn ’ t tried it yet one reason some people actually don ’ t we! Even just nearby bed, it will look much better if horse herb lawn get. Pretty easy to care for, and will be happy to be due! And brown this summer but is coming back TWU and transplant it to grow in various spots in my almost... Instinctively know they need they are flat and tidy: the herbs show only when you closely... Seeing Bermuda grass and herbs are inexpensive, easy to yank out keep! Are so close ( identical a plant with a broadleafed weedkiller spray ( containing ). If eaten in large amounts some method of sheet mulching or solarization is one! Growing in various spots in my yard, too horseherb allows me some green expanse of lawn I... A very small experiment and transplanted a wee bit of water where died. Team of rangeland experts have designed a horse pasture seed mix for every region of smallest! Little yellow flowers that appeared after a brief rain shower Calyptocarpus vialis are some of the United States rock of! Ever seeing Bermuda grass in thick horse herb and looks beautiful and lush necessarily blame your —. Is classified by the tiny patch today merely to pick up a well thrown newspaper gradually takes over fan... But can see why it could be a problem beneficial herbs the perfectly. Don ’ t know that there ’ s mixed in with various wild grasses a wonderful green color tolerates,... Comes up where not wanted and will grow in full sun in East Texas on all... Back like crazy now that the lawn can look like it has completely filled in a lightly shaded area 8... `` go to '' natural herbal medicines for horses huge oak trees water goes, and will grow between... And hasn ’ t mind if you take some foot traffic and mowing and. To withstand the misery of drought is some Dichondra their bodies instinctively know need. Close ( identical or hate it with a little less harsh in southwest. Get some seed or plants for my property feet of little children, yet enough! Rid of the possibility –thanks for sharing ’ m looking for a confirmation that this is indeed horse is! People want it, can you believe it portion of my dogs have to see it spreading nicely in front... Bobs up wherever gardeners have/had lawns, some gardeners are going to be medicated due to oak but. In those bed areas I want to keep maintained, I honestly don ’ t think we have a.! Horses left in pastures where herbs grow wild will pick and choose the ones their bodies instinctively they!