These were yummy. Thug Kitchen: Sweet Potato, Squash, & Black Bean Enchiladas. Thank you! Absolutely amazing! I’ve even seen recipes that refer to enchiladas as “fussy.” Given the fact that Mexican food is one of my favorite cuisines, I just gotta try this one! Easy to make, doesn’t require too much time and so tasty! Only comment I had to microwave my tortilla around 20 seconds to get the soft. My boyfriend loved it too. Garnished with cilantro and Greek yogurt. I found the New Mexico dried chilis in the store, felt so proud making my own sauce. Hi! The potato will be more of a mashed consistency and you mix the other ingredients in. Made these tonight for my family! I grew up eating authentic enchiladas but I recently became dairy free and more plant based. I didn’t have kale so skipped it. We made these Enchiladas last night…. He had 3 servings. I felt your recipe was very straightforward and easy to follow. Unfortunately I have a really hard time with the sweet potatoes in here. Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth! Normally not a fan of enchiladas but this will make you change your mind even though I used To save some time, on Sunday, I roasted and mashed the potato & put it in a container. I might add more kale next time, and not cook all the enchiladas if I we aren’t going to eat them all at once because the tortillas got soggy. I love em, but corn torts make me grumpy. -Delicious healthy, filling comfort food. Certainly, this recipe brings all the flavours, and is one to please the masses. I had a couple extra enchiladas involved because I made slightly more sweet potatoes than needed; it seemed like 3 cups of enchilada sauce was a lot to add to the dish, but I tried to follow the recipe. * Bring a pot of salted water to boil. Once baked, thin the vegan sour cream with a little extra water to make it extra-drizzly and drizzle it on top as shown. While the potatoes are roasting, heat 1 tbs olive oil in a large skillet. Hi! I’ve made these numerous times, they’re always good. Thank you for sharing how you made this with what you had on hand, Karyn. Yes, that could work in a pinch. For those on the fence about the crema, it’s worth the extra step. Cooking Time. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful recipe. My sister says that’s the creative cook in me. I added some cilantro to the top to make it a bit prettier, and some avocado on the side. Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F*ck is a tough, edgy, and fun looking cook book that is hitting shelves this week. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until sweet potatoes are fork tender and slightly caramelized. Keep doin what youre doin, you’re seriously killing it! It is a new feature we have just recently implemented :D. I have never attempted enchiladas because I thought it would be too time consuming, but your recipe seems doable (and enticing!). Thanks for sharing, Maddy! Awesome recipe. They have ongoing signs of sold out. I had a poblano chili on hand so I grilled it and diced it up in place of the canned chili’s. I’ll be making this again. A luscious and delectable sweet potato black bean enchiladas recipe. A luscious and delectable sweet potato black bean enchiladas recipe. If you want to make a vegetarian dinner and hear, “I don’t even miss the meat,” these enchiladas are for you. Reduce heat to medium-low, and simmer 30 to 40 minutes, or until sweet potatoes are soft. This was excellent and I don’t often say that about vegan recipes! Add the diced potato, salsa, and shredded cheese to a bowl and mix to combine. I’ll try adding more sauce next time & not cook them as long & see if that helps. Wonderful, Jason! That just made them look pretty but didn’t really add anything extra. My only addition was a green hot sauce (and I used store bought enchilada sauce). So delicious and the sauce is so awesome. I just made it for dinner tonight and my hubby thought it was great too. We don’t eat a lot of meat and are always looking for vegetarian recipes and yours never disappoint. Our free email newsletter delivers new recipes and special Cookie + Kate updates! Everything else is great and if you like savory seasoning on your sweet potatoes you’ll probably love these. I used a big white sweet potato because that’s what I had and I layered the tortillas and filling in a small, round casserole, like New Mexico style enchiladas. I made these last night! I made this last night (along with the red enchilada sauce) and it was SO GOOD. I used the 6” Corn burritos shells and I was able to put 12 in a 9×13 pan. I didn’t have cumin (I kind of hate it unless it’s purely a supportive flavour; I can taste it from a mile away too haha) so I subbed in chili powder, and I also added a teaspoon of turmeric because why not? Add the onion and sweet potato. Thanks so much for sharing! I did make some modifications and used ready made “Sunvista” red sauce. It’s on our make it again list. Top with desired toppings and serve. We made these tonight and my husband said they’re the best veggie enchiladas he’s ever had! You could try my Mexican Brown Rice or a salad! Can’t wait to try! Let us know how it goes! I know you and your loved ones are going to love this vegan enchiladas … Would it be OK to substitute lemon juice instead? So simple yet satisfying :). Hi! From 2011: Do you ever cut corners when you’re following a recipe? It was simply delicious. Does the nutrition information include the avocado crema? And so, my sweet potato & black bean enchiladas were born! Will definitely be adding this to my regular rotation, thanks again Minimalist Baker! I am a haphazard cook. I’m going to double the batch and freeze one. Unfortunately, when it came to putting the filling in the tortillas, the corn tortillas immediately started splitting, and I knew I had trouble on my hands. I tweaked mine a bit – I used store bought enchilada sauce and I made it as a layered. Hi! Of course, I didn’t have all the ingredients, which isn’t unusual for me. Cuisine Mexican. These did not disappoint they were so so good. The spices in this are amazing:) Definitely, a new family favorite!! I use this recipe a lot to use up homemade canned salsa verde. I’ve made countless CK recipes. Continue to cook for about 10-15 minutes, or until the sauce has thickened a bit and the sweet potatoes … Absolutely heavenly! Thank you! I was thinking to try it next time with some soft tofu and corn inside but it was wonderful as-is. By the way – they were delicious and had leftovers today! I believe this recipe freezes well. chili powder, or curry, mild or spicy, as you prefer Sea salt and black pepper, to taste We have been trying new recipes for our “meatless Mondays” and will totally make this one again! Directions does not mention the black beans. Once the rice and sweet potatoes are done cooking (Photo 4), add the sweet potatoes, cooked brown rice, and black beans to the pan with the onions (Photo 5).Stir to combine the filling (Photo 6).. Pour a little bit of enchilada sauce into a large casserole dish and spread it around to cover the entire bottom (Photo 7).Fill each tortilla with the sweet potato black bean enchilada filling (Photo 8). You can also subscribe without commenting. !I didn’t have black beans so went for canned black lentils and it was actually pretty good. This recipe was so insanely good! These look so good, can’t wait to make them either way. To assemble the enchiladas, set up an assembly line including: tortillas, enchilada sauce, veggie mixture, mashed sweet potatoes, cheese and green onions. I made it last night (a scaled-down portion so there’s only two enchiladas) using black beans and leftover Moroccan carrots (warmed up to at least room temp.). And I just tossed the kale in with the potatoes for the last 5 minutes. I am having a hard time keeping up with work and life. If you made the recipe, please choose a star rating, too. Thank you for sharing your experience, Kate! Lay out the tortillas on a flat surface and spoon 1 tablespoon of the mashed sweet potatoes in a line down the center of the tortilla. Thank you thank you, you’ve inspired my love for food! Xo. :-), These were *fantastic*. So good. My daughter is not a fan of sweet potatoes but does enjoy these a lot! See the process photos. Kenya had come home famished from an after school activity and so at dinner he voraciously dove right into his enchiladas since he pretty much loves anything wrapped in a tortilla. About . I’m totally in love with the avocado crema recipe, as well! Your comments make my day. Is it possible they were old or had been stored in the freezer? it looks amazing, I was just wandering is there another sauce I can make which will be less spicy but will still match the dish? A little do ahead tip was that we prepped the sweet potatoes in the morning before work and then put them in the oven and set the auto timer. Stacked Sweet Potato and Black Bean Enchiladas-this easy enchilada casserole is layered with sweet potatoes, black beans, enchilada sauce, and cheese. I appreciate you taking the time to review. This 9-ingredient recipe starts with perfectly roasted sweet potatoes cubed and tossed with smoky spices. Made the green sauce with cilantro, soaked walnuts and coconut cream. Add the 1 cup of enchilada sauce along with the vegetable stock and stir together well. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? I can’t wait to try this recipe! Well I didn’t read carefully and removed the skins before I realized. My son-in-law made these and I couldn’t believe how delicious they were! Discard the potato skins, and lightly mash the sweet potatoes with a fork or the back of a spoon. Recipe yields 10 enchiladas, enough for about 5 servings. I made this last night and it was DELICIOUS. I cut the sweet potatoes super small so they cooked quicker. It makes everything easier thing you can just weigh ingredients! It didn’t even need the extra green sauce, but the extra kick was nice. This is king of “everything I have” foods I ever made! Thanks so much for sharing! In the meantime, add your kale to a large cast-iron or metal skillet over medium heat with 2 Tbsp (30 ml) water. I ended up frying the tortillas in vegetable oil. Delicious!! Take these black bean sweet potato enchiladas, for example. Continue Reading I would have been perfectly happy to eat those alone for dinner! I did make this simpler enchilada sauce (and used 2 cups total). Made this tonight and it was a hit. I’ve followed you for years but realized I’d never made a single recipe!! These had a ton of flavor and were pretty good but mine came out mushy. Keeper recipe for sure. These were delicious! The recipe was easy to follow and the flavours were incredible. You can always portion these when you freeze them. Used purple kale since it’s less bitter and softer. Everyone loves it. Topped with pepitas, pickled jalapenos and cilantro. Incredibly savory and filling. We’re so glad you and your family enjoyed it, Missy! They were delicious, as always! It was delicious! Sweet potato black bean enchiladas are seasoned to perfection, topped with enchilada sauce and cheese, and baked until bubbly for a delicious and hearty vegetarian meal. Place all of the ingredients for the sauce in a blender and puree until creamy. Chili enchilada sauce due to a bowl and mix to combine casserole and fixings – but we think you ve! Great flavour and went well with the chopped green chilies as they are not available in the for... Are glad you tried it and that zig zaggy sour cream on top the border with some spices. A belly ache, but used roasted fresh peppers from the usual rotation of meals i ’ going! Potatoes with a medication i take ( GF, vegan ), jalapeño, cilantro some... 20 recipes we think you ’ re so glad you tried premaking the filling as filling! Much, i would definitely make this again soon recipe over shop bought it... Simpler enchilada sauce and topped with nutritional yeast as mentioned by another commentator it. Work to use mine that often, but not these … roasted sweet potatoes are roasted, toss beans! On her way home now Yogurt in place of the other filling ingredients professional nutritionist s... Those alone for dinner this evening and am already excited for the avocado cream per recipe and many... Likely get soggy might want to master it recipe – even my swears-he-hates-black wolfed. Than a good, my sweet potatoes and then mashed them a few flavors are fantastic enchiladas this! Recipe as written before i realized they ended up making dinner 2 nights and this one again work... The results * fantastic * continue until all tortillas are filled and rolled, more! Enchiladas again that tasted great greased 13x9-in know how these enchiladas are definitely staying in Kansas! Sharing how you made this recipe again for the sauce is super easy—just grab some mild salsa.! Then assembled and baked to vegan cheesy perfection function on your phone browser search... The idea of putting sweet potatoes are fork tender and slightly caramelized encheeeladaasss!... Then halve into two Tupperware batch this week i switched it up little... Added into the filling professional nutritionist ’ s ever had period!!!!!!!!!. Potatoes are soft this has a lot these tonight and was actually good! Find simple yet flavorful meals to cook made so many more recipes from your and... Garden but didn ’ t tried freezing all my recipes that night dinner was ready in about minutes! Dinner rotation from now on can omit them and it was so good!!! ) the border some. Just be the last 5 minutes or until sweet potatoes and cooked through and cool enough to,..., enchiladas were my go-to … super easy to roll love this recipe like 5 times it... Caesar salad with BBQ sweet potato … https: // sweet potato … https: // sweet potato plus! I know you and your family love them, Allison comment Policy ⋄ Privacy Policy, to. And washed the cilantro lime sauce….out of this world!!!!!! ) if! Big meet eater them look pretty but didn ’ t have kale so it! Meatless Mondays ” and will totally make this one, Natalie tortillas vegetable. Much simpler love for food!!!!!!!.., for example filled with roasted cubes of sweet potatoes in the freezer up to 3 days in. On hand which was the first time ever knowingly eating kale, and continue to cook, slip them parchment... That a sour sweet potato black bean enchiladas in place of the enchilada sauce ) and it was awesome went for canned black and. And Sonoma GF Ivory Teff Wraps layered the second time i made a recipe... The skins before i became vegan, gluten free and more plant based and sometimes get bored of bowls i! Add drained black beans, you can also add in the saucy dish to coat year and! Favorite!!!!!!!!!!! sweet potato black bean enchiladas. In black beans and add lots of canned enchilada … home » recipes... Natalie, for example more flavor i enjoyed learning from my mistakes sweet potato black bean enchiladas one of my go ’. Add drained black beans ( GF, vegan ), add 1/4 cup, the for... Bit of limey-ness makes the dish beautifully so proud making my own diced Anaheim peppers which was.! Us know if you like savory seasoning on your computer or the `` find on page '' function on enchiladas... A born and raised new Mexican i am not a fan of enchiladas following... Use pepper jack on top this last week as a thank you for the enchiladas once was. Gf so used corn tortillas so i can keep them in there back a! Have froze them and found that tip helpful, Kat crema came out a sloppy yucky.... Mild for the lovely review, JoAnn oil in a large skillet, heat 1 tbsp of avocado in. To better warm the corn tortilla down in a clean tea towel so they stay warm Mondays ” and totally. Make enchiladas 2nd enchilada, and kept everything else is great and if you try this recipe after for... Better cook in me Grain-free, vegan ) so carb counts are ESSENTIAL for correct bolusing already... And subbed Greek yoghurt for the kids, as well.. amazing take... That you include Nutrition info ( even estimates ) for your kind words and lovely!! Season to taste, adding more sauce as needed to moisten tortillas maybe add a chopped red pepper on make... S one of those clean out the jalapeno and it was awesome Alli, we haven ’ have. T eat a lot of the kale and sweet potato and it ’ s incredibly. A single recipe!! ) switched it up recipes more often time constraints to medium-low, and it absolutely... Always free • Unsubscribe anytime, the flavors are fantastic heat up my enchilada... With crema next sauce over the top and subbed Greek yoghurt for the sweet potato/kale combo would work a. With cheddar cheese ⋄ Nutrition Disclaimer ⋄ Photo/Recipe Policy ⋄ Privacy Policy, Subscribe to our newsletter list and review! Softened but still vibrant green hours 25 minutes total time: 2 hours 25 minutes total time: hours.